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A triology of EPs leading up the the album Dreamology. 

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Film - TV

Heder - 8 episodes

Beck - I Stormens Öga ( In The Eye Of The Storm )

Vilken Jävla Cirkus

Beck - Det Tysta Skriket ( The Silent Shout )

I Nöd Eller Lust

Beck Main Theme

Bröderna Karlsson ( The Karlsson Brothers )

Beck - Levande Begravd ( Buried Alive )

Beck Piano Theme

Beck - Den Svaga Länken ( The Weakest Link )

Häxdansen ( Dance Of Witches ) - 6 episodes

Beck - Gamen ( The Vulture )

Oskyldigt Dömd ( Verdict Revised ) - 24 episodes

Beck - Flickan I Jordkällaren

Beck - Advokaten ( The Lawyer )

Beck - Skarpt Läge

Beck - I Guds Namn

Beck - Den Japanska Shungamålningen


H & M


Indiska Marry Xmas

Blue Step Bank


Jennie Löfgren

Once a celebrated pop star, now a prominent Swedish film score composer, Jennie Löfgren is releasing her first solo work of instrumental music. This September, the first part of her Dreamology series will see the light of day; a collection of delicate and beautiful piano pieces. The first track, The Waves, will also be accompanied by a video shot and directed by Jennie herself.

It’s a somewhat minimalistic soundscape with dense atmospheres, rich with detail that unfurls with each additional listen. Jennie describes the music as separate rooms where the listener can project and create individual worlds of their own. What makes the music on Dreamology such an outstanding acheivement, is the duality of the music; it's both melancholic and euphoric, intense and meditative, distracting or all-absorbing.

Jennie talks about Dreamology